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Winter RIDE - A taste of the Other SIDE

Photo-- > Bikes at Ponmudi mountain-top

We have all enjoyed the thrills of biking on the Bullet – Being one with Nature, the accompanying courageous thump, the wind on our faces, the fresh smell of nature and speed to thrill our hearts faster, the skill of riding and negotiating the roads not forgetting the scenic places we cross.

Silver Bullets Winter ride -- A pretty long awaited one after the 2000 km Goa ride in October. And unfortunately it also gave us a taste of the other side of Motor biking – Accidents.

We were supposed to start at 8.00 am on Sunday, 24th December 2006. 8 changed to 9 and then we could start off. We assembled at Kowdiar square. Our pal Ajith also turned up to see us off. Our bikes were all in excellent condition – if anyone were to ask us to go a 1000 km at that instant – the bikes were fit for that. That’s our confidence in the Bullet and the way we take care of that.

Anil – Machismo RE 350
Babu Tharikh (BT) – Electra RE 350
Jayan – (JSR) 50…

RE - T shirts :-)

My parents called up to say there was a courier from Royal Enfield…(seemed to contain some spare parts they said.). Spare parts. ? Well I had been waiting for the 2 T-shirts for the 2 of my ride write-ups published on the RE site. But spare parts...?????

When I finally got the package, yes it said, “RE Genuine spare parts”. I broke open the package in no time. WoW --- 2 dark blue T-shirts with a cool embroidered logo. Saying “ Royal Enfield – 50 – The Legend Rides on”.

My wife and I put on our RE – T’s and headed to Town on the Bullet. We were proudly sporting it. People definitely took notice of us sporting same T’s. The logo is similar to the Bullet logo on the RE Standard bike fuel tank.

But the extent of publicity came as we passed by Jay’s office (our Tvm Bulls moderator) and dropped in to see him. One of his colleagues said he had seen us at Saphalyam shopping complex and guessed that we were part of some Bullet club!

Thump On !BT

Who will Bell the Cat ?

The Thin Line – Moderating Biking groups.

Being a moderator is no easy task – You have to brush aside your personal preferences, egos, and bias and even sometimes kill your jealousy, anger by saying please and try to be a neutral person. This is not for your interest. It is in the larger interest of the Group and its members.
As a moderator, the group and its members are larger than everything. And as in a democracy, most of the times the majority wins.

E-Groups are all about communication and sharing of ideas,experiences, pictures, videos, meetings and all fun the related group can have crossing the boundaries of distance and time worldwide. We all live only once.– And we may never meet many of the people in the group.

The moderator has to draw the line in many cases relating to comments or information by the members. Diplomacy, patience, tolerance and a persuasive nature are the main ingredients.
One of the Primary concerns of the moderator should be to ensure that the members are not at…

Post Graduation (R.E) and success

Spirit – i.e.strength, courage, character, guts, will, force, fortitude, moral fiber, determination, chutzpah, heart, mettle [Do you find anything that the Bullet doesn’t represent or doesn’t have?]Probably no. And all these attributes are imbibed by most riders of the RE Bullet who have the spirit. I do find that in most Bullet riders that I met, they have a personality and passion, which is extra and different- and are a class apart.

I’m not talking only about my Bullet Club pals. Yes, beyond doubt they are a class apart. I’m talking about people from other walks of life too, that I have met and found these qualities. I’m of the opinion that owning, caring and riding a Bullet makes a person more responsible, powerful and rich in spirit. And once you have the spirit – Life is an easy ride. I have been riding motorized 2-wheeelers ever since I was about 12 years old. I started out with my Dad’s Vijay Deluxe (1977 model) scooter in Goa. It was good. Real good. I liked it because it was …

Electra 350cc Photoshoot :: BT

Hey...i didnt expect you here...Nice to meet you !
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now dont i look a natural part of the scenery ?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gigantic ! - See i dont fit in your camera too !----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aha...i luv this .... 100 + is a cakewalk ;-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------His majesty, the Royal Highness of Enfield has stopped..... Now you may pass.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glimmer among the Greens

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Another Rock among the Rocks
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bye guys..Silver Bullet's gotta Go ! Thump on. -------…

2000 km ride on Bullet in 94 hours !

Hi, my writeup on the Goa ride is below. It is more of a motorcycle diary.... more joy for the riders who actually went on the ride to relive the moments. Raring for the next ride !

Photos: (my camera film wasnt loaded so lost a lot of pics :-(

These are from Anils cam. :-)

Thump on .....


Rainy Varkala Beach Ride and the code (Da Vinci?)

Below write up has been published on the royal enfield website also.

:: However for the unedited version...... here goes - ::

Unplanned rides can sometimes be very enjoyable on a Bullet because there is an element of surprise in every turn. 21 September Oh-6, being a bank holiday, I was at home. In the back of my mind I knew I would be going somewhere on my Enfield Electra 350cc bullet. Where, when, how were all blanks.

Sunny morning – after a week of nearly incessant rain. Wow! – What more could a biker want ? Sofi, my wife who loves travel by an Enfield bullet popped the question. Why don’t we go to Kovalam beach? It’s a nice sunny morning. I was in two minds – Kovalam beach seemed like a local market to me. As they say, when you stay at one place, you don’t realize the importance of it. (Did someone say one of 50 must-see destinations in the world…Yawn!!!!!)? I said to hell with Kovalam beach. Why don’t we go in the opposite d…

Footrest modification on the Bullet

I came across this Bullet club in FInland where one of the guys has modified it so that the legs stay a little forward when seated. Its supposed to be more comfortable - more like sitting in a car.

:: Me and the Royal Enfield Bullet ::

My fascination for the Enfield Bullet started may be when i was a kid... seeing my uncles Enfield Bullet when i used to come home to Kerala for vacations from Goa. I cant recollect exactly what fascinated me but i think may be it was the distinct thump was what attracted me to it first ... simply awesome raw power -- and all that heavy metal (also it is an head-turner in the streets!) .

Later on we could always see the tourists zipping on in Bullets in Goa coming from all far off places like New Delhi etc. All preferred Bullets...Even today it is the most prefered touring bike in India.

When i went to purchase a bullet... a lot of people advised me -- its too heavy , brake and gears are on opp sides - and other stories. I just pushed it all aside and went and bought one. I took to riding it just like a fish to water -- (Sometimes your heart knows what you need !!!!!).

I hope to put up more stuff on the Bullet . By the way, my user name is BIKER BT no way related to any motorcycl…