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Riding the Bullet. OK – Media hype – What’s that?

You are in a class of your own as you ride your Royal Enfield Bullet – and the combination attracts enough publicity. So I don’t think Bulleteers need any hype.

Our very small group of enthusiasts on the Yahoo groups as Trivandrum riders’ way back in 2004 when I found them on the Internet is now Silver-Bullets in 2007. Not that it has made any difference to us – A Bullet in any color gives the same thump. Yes definitely we have been able to get more active members and are seeing activities in different geographical areas.

I remember an instance of a journalist wanting to do a write up on us in 2004 and Jay and myself did go and explain everything. Forget the coffee, we sponsored him – absolutely nothing happened. He never even returned a call.

He was probably scouting around for some fillers and backup stories and failed to discover our soul and passion. I think we guys are content the way we are. –Media Hype or not.

Today 17th Feb 2007, w…