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Switch it ON - Daytime Running Lights (DRL)


Seriously how many of us really switch our motorbike headlights on while riding in Daytime? Probably the count may rest in both my hands.

I never used to switch it on, till I rode with Silver-Bullets on a 2000 km ride (Trivandrum- Goa and back). However I used to use the parking lights on my bullet occasionally.

How did I feel?

Initial thoughts:

+ Am I wasting a 35-rupee bulb? .
+ Hmm... bulb may blow out in a days time
+ Probably a wasteful activity. May look like a fool too!

However post ride I felt it was a good and positive act as it helps in visibility of a motorbike rider on a road … especially in Indian traffic where every road with its ups and downs is a mystery unraveled by all drivers/riders who rally everyday!

I don’t think we have Daytime Running Lights (DRL) in Indian motorbikes and cars.

So we switch on our regular night riding headlights during the day also. I know we may feel a bit awkward switching it on in the city and we have lot of people on the ro…