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It’s always a great feeling to meet someone you know especially more so when you are really far away from home and your country. This is truer especially if it’s a Bullet lover and from your own Bullet club.

For the unfamiliar, Well Ayush has been in our club prior to it being renamed as SB and he used to ride a black colored jap-crap (its also available in yellow so I guess you know which bike he was riding ;-) .

He’s been here in the Middle East(Dubai) since 2004 December, when he gave us a fly-off party at a Vellayambalam – Swiss cafĂ©. The party was a memorable one…old SBians may recall Jay, Sreejith,Varghese ..and a few others.

It was great catching up with him in Sharjah. Now he really needs a Bullet for his size.
Naturally a Bullet discussion came up and he has agreed to catch the 500cc guy who has an RE in Sharjah. Its very easy also to import an RE here according to Ayush. He said he would find out details. We hope to have more dope on the RE out here.

Another things guys… Im re…