Bikini bike ?

No license and no bullet in UAE. Least i could do is sit on fancy bikes i like.

I dunno what make this bike make is besides BMW ..i found it in the underground parking and cdnt help sitting on it..whn i came bk it ws gone - wonder what model it is..but its the weirdest design i ever sat on ! Enjoy the view !Im wondering if i should call it the " Bikini bike" !



See the engine parts protruding in the front !


SpeedoOOOOO !


Shall we call this 'bikini' view?

----- 5

Wish he hd left the keys... :-D VrrrrrooooooommmmMMMMMMMMM>



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jay said…
Isn't it a BMW? I can see the BMW decal on it. The engine is their famous boxter engine, which is a horizontal opposit twin (the head comes out projected)
Jose Kaithan said…
this is a BMW
Biker BT said…
Thanks guys for the feedback...i was meaning which model of bmw...Jay says Boxter engine...! Cool!BT.
Muralidharan R said…
I think its BMW R1150 RT..

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