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Cargo your Bullet

Hi guys,

Glad to blog again after a break of near 50+ days ! I was down in Kerala for a couple of days in Xmas 2007 to cargo my bike to New Delhi. My bike was unused for 7 months since I was away in UAE.The bike was covered, though i didnt take any extra precautions. Uncovering the plastic .... Voila!

----- Unused Bullet 7 months! (Rock solid)

I called up Murugan who promptly sent his bro to get the bike started. I could have tried it myself, but didnt want any delays since holidays were around!The only things he did to get the bike started was to replace old fuel with new fuel and clean the spark plug!

----- Shotgun Murugans bro Ranjit emptying old petrol!

I tried sending through Railways and truck companies and finally settled on Gati cargo - Rs.3400 + 400 for packing by their outsourced agents (Now packing also got BPOs?)However you get a chance to check the packing to ur satisfaction before the bike is sent(i didnt get time to check it ..also forgot the thermocol to pack the petrol ta…