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Loud pipes save lives?

The roar of an open throttle supplemented by a loud exhaust pipe makes heads turn….. ! RE Bullet enthusiasts probably don’t need a loud pipe …. They automatically turn around listening to the bullets thump.

Loud pipes save lives? Well – see what the Hurt report says - 76.8% of all accident hazards are straight ahead of the motorcycle accident. While only 3.2% are coming from behind the motorcycle. So then loud pipes should face towards the front to save lives !

I guess we all ride our bikes and we would all like to sound nice as we ride. I was recently in Karol Bagh looking at exhaust pipes and found many exhaust pipes which were plain pipes.. no mufflers or fill-ins. These kind of pipes roar like hell – I must say just noise. They are perfectly fit for the 18 year old who wants to let everyone know that hes got a license on 2 wheels and others who just want attention! I suggest to folks who want ‘some’ noise go for a BSA Goldstar kind of exhaust- called Goldie in biker circles or the …