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Batmans motorbike - Batbike



I always liked Batman comics and the first Batman movie I watched was way back in 1989 featuring Michael Keaton was simply superb. The Prince soundtrack was a great hit at that time too.

Last weekend I went for the Batman sequel – The Dark Night. An excellent movie I must say and captivating performances by Heath Ledger as the joker. I was thrilled by batmans motorbike - the Batbike(Bat Pod?). More dope on it below.

Even actor Christian Bale(Batman) did not get to ride the Batbike because they did not want him to get hurt. It is another fact that it was very difficult to ride the Hub-centre steering, twin engines - one mounted in each wheel hub bike. It was so difficult to ride it that only 1 stuntman could do it on the sets. The machine – has been described as a steamroller combined with a motorbike and atomic missile !

For ur eyes only !


***** A Delicate balance.....


*****Naked bike :-)

*****Closeuppppp !!!!!

***** Batman

***** Heath Ledger@ it !

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