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I would prefer to ride in country side roads anytime. Theres a lot of cleaner and greener air. Some snaps on the way to Cribbs causeway in Bristol. This is away from the city. You can drive here with ur Indian licence, but for riding a motorbike u need to take the UK license. Goes to prove that Riding is tougher and more challenging than driving ? Could be a crazy poll - Do vote !

2. No problemo, no bike licensio, me shall take the costliest and biggest V-O-L-V-O around ;-D

3. Templemead station . The weather is so cool out 6 to 12 degree year round here u think u are sitting in a refrigerator all your life. That prompts the folks to get some exercise - There a family goes off cycling !

4. The roads are long and winding .....~

5. An intersection +

6. WoW -- Post office Tavern ! Tell me Post offices have started serving beer ! :-D

7. A football ground... hmm but other ends have rugby posts.

8. Ahaaa, where theres football u soon see animals too ! The Inseperable combination. Cow and horse …

Just Bristol

Hi... i can see good level of intelligence in u that has brought u here to this page. Any way you are slightly late. I just sent the hot blonde babe to get some chips ;-D. A small photofeature on Bristol.

To other pleasant things like travelling - lets hop on the bus.... This is Bristol in UK.Snaps are taken from atop a double decker bus for below one.


Easter weekend is a long one out here. Some bikers chilling outside a local pub.

200 years of the Floating Harbour near Citi center, Bristol!

Beautiful architecture... Wonder what it is? Hmmm.. somethings are probably more beautiful unexplained :)


That's the welcoming fresh Bristol Cafe. Coffee time folks!