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RUST in peace?

There is normally a great amount of heart (read emotion,affection) involved in choosing to buy a motorbike. I bought my Royal Enfield without riding or test riding a bullet even way back in 2002 despite hearing the usual scepticism and anti-thoughts of the Bullet. I took to it like fish to water. Probably you just know some things are right for you...


Maintaining a bike is painstaking... and not easy as it appears. It does not matter even if you have a couple of servants to clean the bike. The 'U' factor is esential. How to maintain the bike is beyond scope of this article and rather how NOT to maintain is more that matters in this platinum page !

Some Dont do's. -

1. Dont leave the bike in the open - exposed to weather elements. A decent bike cover will cost only Rs. 200 (or 3 pounds or 4 dollars in India... ).

Alternatively imagine the cost for removing the rust and corroded metal and all the yuck! If you dont care about the bike better sell it for what you can get n…