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Jawa Yezdi club delhi

The Jawa Yezdi Club had their annual get together on 14th July at Camp Wild, Dhauj .... some snaps

Fighter pilot helmet with 7 visors...real heavy stuff !



Jay Kannaiyan 33 country ride

Jay Kannaiyan has completed his amazing 33 country ride on the Suzuki DR650. Some pics of his bike taken on the Delhi Biker's Breakfast Run - in which he participated on July 6.

- - The solar panel on the box. It is used to charge the gadgets on the bike like - cigarette lighter,mobile phones,GPS navigation system
- The cylinder like boxes are for storage.Multiple things. Has carried some curry masala too :)
- Tharikh(BT) with Jay
Multiple switches for LED lights,(they consume less power), switches alternating between two horns
Jays ride details on his website -
Cheers BT